H.A.P Seniors Care Services, Barbados Agency, operating under the Vision Care Agency brand, provides comprehensive care for the elderly through accommodation and social maintenance. Our services are tailored to meet senior citizens’ diverse needs and requirements at different stages of their lives.

Our Services

  1. Assisted Living

– Safe and comfortable living environments for seniors who need assistance with daily activities.

  1. Nursing Care

– Professional medical care for those requiring regular health monitoring and treatment.

  1. Adult Day Care

– Daytime programs that offer social activities, meals, and healthcare services.

  1. Home Care

– In-home assistance is available for seniors who prefer to stay in their homes while receiving care.

  1. Hospice Care

– Compassionate end-of-life care aimed at providing comfort and support.

Our Role

As an intermediary with fiduciary responsibility, H.A.P Seniors Care Services ensures seniors receive the highest quality of care. We work closely with families and care providers to coordinate and manage services, ensuring that each senior’s unique needs are met with dignity and respect.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for seniors through dedicated care and support, making us a trusted partner in eldercare.

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